Aging Workforce Needs Help with Aging Parents

Is Parent Daycare on the Horizon?

iStock_000021378224_websizedAs the workplace is changing, some Boomers are realizing they will never be able to retire unless forced out. To top it off, some may have parents to take care of. This could happen to anyone at any age depending on how old one’s parents are, but I’m looking at a potentially vast majority of us who are extending our working lives for one reason or another instead of retiring and taking care of one’s parents full time.  In particular, I’m referring to parents who are not geriatrics, but lucid, and capable, to a certain extent, of maintaining a house, cleaning, driving, shopping, and the like.

My parents would absolutely freak out if they thought I was writing this about them because they don’t consider themselves “out of it.” They are and always will be to me, young at heart. But even while being young at heart, they too are realizing that they cannot do what they used to do and have physical limitations. They need help.

My workplace understands my personal issues and my boss bends over backward to allow me the time I need for my personal life. We call it “Work/Life Balance.” But now I’m thinking, boy, this is just like daycare for my son when he was little. I know of services such as the one I see on TV, called Visiting Angels, so that our folks can maintain their independence as long as possible by just have someone come to help them or keep them company when family is working.

Even if you have parents who move in with you, you still have to go to work, leaving them alone for 8 to 10 hours. Many employers these days have had great benefits but I don’t know if any who offer adult day care. It would be a great benefit for those of us in this dilemma. I can’t tell my parents to stop calling me while I’m at work. But it would give me peace of mind if I knew someone was available to assist when I can’t be there.

A perfect example is something that just happened this past weekend. My mother had an emergency gall bladder operation. She is laid up in bed and my father, who has neuropathy of both legs, hobbles around to help her but it’s a struggle for him and I worry he will fall. He falls a lot. Meanwhile, I was going to go there, but ended up with a head cold/sinus infection, and don’t want to risk giving that to either of them. My mother is prone to bronchitis and so that would just be a disaster, and not to sound like a fatalist, but she could possibly end up back in the hospital. So, I’m staying away. I have other siblings in the area who are going there in and out of work when they can. Thank goodness.

This experience is a wake-up call for future events. I guess I’m just writing this as an awareness of what the future holds for an aging workforce. Let me know what you think and if you have aging parents and what you are doing to help them while working.

What Will Be Your Legacy?


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TNS Employee Insights LIVE at ALFA 2014 Conference in Phoenix!


If you happen to be visiting or live in Phoenix, Arizona, stop by and visit us at the ALFA 2014 Conference & Expo at the Phoenix Convention Center, Halls B-E on May 20-22.


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I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Like You!

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I am tired of admitting it, but yes, I’m sensitive. After thinking about it some more, I think I’m pretty normal though. I’m kinesthetic and that’s a good thing in my opinion. Sometimes, I’m surprised I let slide by a lot of what people say and do. However, sometimes I reach a plateau and say, “Hey, I’m not taking that ___ anymore.” So what’s going on?

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Employee Engagement – What is It? How Do You Improve It?


Engaged employees are more productive, contribute more to the bottom line, generate higher customer ratings and help you attract new talent.  On the flip side, actively disengaged employees cost the US approximately half a trillion dollars per year.  This webinar will focus on 10 best practice tips on how to design employee engagement surveys, how to measure them and, most importantly, how you can improve engagement in your organization.

Presenter:  Mike Schroeder, TNS Employee Insights

Date:  April 23 or 24 – 1:00 p.m. Central Time

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Trade Secrets: The Best Vocational Schools so often, our readers want to share some information and yes, it’s a plug for their business, and that’s a good thing because in this case it never hurts to enhance one’s education no matter who you are, how old, or what your current job is. So, if you’ve been thinking about furthering your education, check out this great info graphic at by Jayden Summer.

One-on-One Psychology Needed to Stimulate Employee Engagement

In my opinion, there are several different levels of employee engagement according to how one experiences his or her world. This coincides with several demographics as well, and not just age, tenure, race, work location, position, which are typically surveyed, but also maturity, heritage and family traditions, education and career aspirations, which reflect an individual’s personality traits. Survey items (questions) zero in on how groups of employees feel collectively about certain topics. Even though written comments are recorded and analyzed as well, they are not addressed on an individual level face to face with an employer. Even an item, “My supervisor treats me with respect and dignity,” is grouped with other employees’ responses.

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