All Work But No Play

Posted on December 4, 2012 by TNS Consulting Team (via Scott Spayd)

As jobs require employees to take on more and more responsibilities and work, employees can get burnt out very quickly. Long hours and lack of resources can leave employees feeling anything but engaged on the job. While organizations are not currently always able to give employees large wage increases, there are other options available to keep morale high.

The Ping Pong Table and Bags set setup in a storage area at the TNSei office near Chicago. Employees can take a break, have some fun, and team build at the same time.

One of the most effective ways to take all the work out of the workday is to provide employees with opportunities to step away from the desk and refresh themselves. This does not have to mean that the organization needs to take extravagant measures, however, something as simple as a group lunch out can provide employees with a break. Not only does this allow employees to eat away from their desks, but also it provides valuable bonding among employees.

Team building activities have also increased in popularity as organizations work to combat turnover and attempt to retain top talent. Often, these team-building activities teach employees how to improve communication and work together more effectively in the workplace. Think about employees working in close quarters. If there is any sort of personality conflict, this can be extremely disruptive to the degree of engagement an employee may feel. Therefore, it is important to use team building as a means to combat personality conflicts.

Our 2011 global panel study revealed that 70% of employees felt that their organization recognized the cooperation of their work group as important. The perception that employees have about their organizations’ interest in employees working well together is very important. This can be the difference between an employee who feels engaged or an employee who does not truly feel part of the organization.

Take a moment and think about how moments away from your desk with your coworkers and managers have positively impacted your life at work. What were these moments away spent doing?

TNS Consulting Team (via Scott Spayd)

About TNS Consulting Team (via Scott Spayd)

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