Office Disrupters – Their Impact on Employee Engagement

gossipingI read an interesting article recently in the WSJ that described several types of office disrupters and discussed how they impact our work environment on a daily basis.  It also made me recognize that these folks truly impact engagement within our work teams.  There are many types of office disrupters that can impact office productivity, morale and even impact turnover within an organization.

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Blanket Solutions Don’t Solve Engagement Issues


Often, organizations fall victim to “blanket solutions” geared toward fixing the problems of one type of performer or work group, and it’s usually the lowest performer.  Often, management views low engagement scores, and their initial instinct is to address the causes of these low scores.  As a result, solutions or action plans are created that apply to the whole organization.  However, these sometimes only address a small part of the employee population or a few work teams.

Instead, what managers must do is focus on the larger picture while addressing the trouble spots.  Action planning and process improvement may need to be different for the top performers versus the bottom performers.  Segmenting your work groups into levels of engagement can highlight key differences and help set the framework for development of targeted action plans focused on key work teams.  Managers need to recognize that different interventions may be necessary to bring about change in bottom performers versus top performers

Great Leaders Build Others Up

iconGreat leaders must be able to tap into the skills and resources of those around them. Yet, establishing collaborative relationships is sometimes challenging because people have different backgrounds and experiences.  So, make it a point to recognize each team member’s strengths and weaknesses, understand their capabilities, and continue to nurture and support in a way that allows each to achieve their individual greatness.

Recognize that not all great ideas come from your office but from others on your team.  Tap into the varied skills and wider perspectives of others in order to strengthen organizational goals and objectives.

When you allow people to provide input rather than just tell them what needs to be completed, it builds consensus around goals and is the quickest way to gain success.  Ask your employees, “What are we trying to accomplish?” or “What would you do to accomplish this goal?”

Lead relentlessly, surround yourself with great people and continually build them up!


EngageMINT… One piece at a time!


EngageMINT Candy Jar

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Leadership Starts with You!

6-6-2013Are you a leader who’s willing to roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty and dive into any challenge?

If you really want to lead successfully, you must demonstrate that you are committed to being part of the team.  Be willing to dive in and do whatever you would ask others to do, regardless of the task.  A key driver of employee engagement revolves around the front-line supervisor or leader.  It lies in their ability to handle the basics well. It’s the simple things that make a difference – showing up to meetings on time, treating others with respect, valuing their opinions, etc.  In high performing organizations, leaders treat their employees with respect and dignity almost 90% of the time. (Source:  TNS 2013 High Performing Company Benchmark)

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It’s Your Time to Shine!

timetoshineAs the New Year begins, it’s time to establish some professional and personal goals.  Here are a few simple tips to get you thinking…

  1. Remove clutter from your space both at work and home.  Create an environment that allows you to shine.  Surround yourself with positive, uplifting people.
  2. Be confident in yourself and the abilities you have to reach any goals set for yourself.  Believe in yourself and recognize that confidence shines through in everything you do.
  3. Shine in all your day to day activities.  Feed your body with foods that nourish and fuel you for success.  Feed your mind with stimulating reading and conversations with others that promote continuous learning throughout the year.
  4. Spread your shine to others.  Find someone else who needs help reaching their goals and commit to help them succeed.


timetoshine_male“There are no right and wrong ways to work in this business, but there are some basic common-sense practices. Work very, very hard and always be prepared; never give up; and once you get the job, give them more than they ever expected: – Shine!” Jimmy Smits

Rate Your Manager – Ho, Ho, Ho or Bah Hum Bug!

WorldsBestBoss_HollySo, how flexible are managers when it comes to allowing their employees time off around the holidays?  Are employees given flexibility to balance their work and personal obligations?

According to TNS 2013 global normative benchmark data, there’s a bit of difference between high performing organizations and those that don’t measure up to these ideal standards…

77% of employees in high performing organizations say that their managers support them in balancing their work and personal lives as compared to 69% in a typical organization.

As a manager, isn’t it time you celebrate your employees and their commitment to both you and their families – I vote, “Ho, Ho, Ho”!

Becoming a High Performance Leader

6-6-2013For many organizations, simply engaging their workforce is not enough.  These organizations are striving toward becoming a high performance organization.  They want to be among the best in their industry sector and ensure their talent is highly engaged.  These highly engaged team members often are led by high performing or inspirational leaders.  These types of leaders encourage employees to go beyond expectations, recommend improvements and seek out ways to expand their roles.  Feedback is an integral part of leadership development at high performing companies. Continue Reading →

Engagement Tops the List for Keeping HR Up at Night!

clockAccording to a recent survey conducted by Human Resources Executive, ensuring employees remain engaged tops the list for the second straight year in a row as the number one issue.  Yet, when asked how much time these busy HR executives spend focused on engagement, it’s only 26% of their time.

Other top issues for busy HR executives were development of leaders and employee retention.  It’s interesting that these two issues are also keenly related to engaging people.  Perhaps it’s time to dust off the existing engagement survey program, move away from the traditional biennial or annual approach toward more frequent employee feedback.

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