Becoming a High Performance Leader

Posted on December 16, 2013 by Christy Kessler

6-6-2013For many organizations, simply engaging their workforce is not enough.  These organizations are striving toward becoming a high performance organization.  They want to be among the best in their industry sector and ensure their talent is highly engaged.  These highly engaged team members often are led by high performing or inspirational leaders.  These types of leaders encourage employees to go beyond expectations, recommend improvements and seek out ways to expand their roles.  Feedback is an integral part of leadership development at high performing companies.

Since the link between employee engagement and specific leadership behaviors is clear, ask yourself this question, “What behaviors are exemplified by high performing leaders that drives high performance among their teams?”

Here’s a few best practice behaviors to get you started thinking about this question:

  • Strong belief system – Leaders state what they “believe in” and “stand for”; this is a powerful way to capture the hearts of employees.
  • Feedback –Leaders recognize their employees and internal customers like to hear – “I am proud of you”, “what is your opinion”, “Yes, we can”, “Thank you”, etc.
  • Sense of humor – If you lose the power to laugh, you lose the power to think.
  • Continual learning – Learn something new every day and share with others.

About Christy Kessler

Christy Kessler leads the client services team which includes business development and marketing initiatives for TNS Employee Insights. She also serves as an integral part of our client service team and regularly consults with clients on survey initiatives. With a combination of corporate human resource experience combined with more than 15 years of nonprofit management and leadership experience she brings unique perspectives to her blog posts on a regular basis.

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