Associate vs. Employee : Who’s Who and What’s What?

ASSOCIATE-OF-THE-MONTHThe HR Bartender, one of my favorite people, Sharlyn Lauby, asked everyone in Cyber, if they felt that the word “associate” should replace the word, “employee.” There is a poll and I voted not to replace employee with associate.

Further, a few responded, and of course, yours truly had something to say…

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What to Do When You Can’t Go To Human Resources for Help

fire_breathing_dragon_by_sandara-d56vmyuSo, you say that your micro-managing boss is a fire-breathing dragon and on your back all day long? You feel like you’re being bullied and you’re this close to telling him or her off and quitting on the spot. But you’re not 16 anymore running back home to your folks announcing you just quit and will find another job next week. You’re much older now with a family to support, mortgage, kids in college, and bills up the ying-yang. Who loses when you walk off the job? Oh, sure, employers suffer having to rehire and spending a couple grand, but they will recuperate. You may not unless you are ultra-savvy in the job market and can snap up jobs quicker than Donald Trump can slip on another gold ring. The majority of us will suffer the consequences of such an irrational move as tempting as it is at the time.

So, walking off the job with a few choice adjectives mumbled under your breath is out of the question. Let’s go to human resources to air grievances! This is the logical and rational approach to getting issues resolved in a calm and democratic way. After all, isn’t that what the rule book advises? Most company handbooks will say similar things such as the following:

Right to Speak:

Every employee has the right and ability to raise issues of concern about the company or about the treatment of an employee confidentially, free from any fear of reprisal.

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Tip 8 – Act On Employee Feedback

Intro: This blog is written to further elaborate with my own views on the “8 Tips to Engage Your Employees” booklet written by our experts. construction-blueprintConducting a survey without acting on the results is like making blueprints for a house, but not building it. Employee engagement surveys are only worth the actions built around them. When posing survey item, “Management at my organization takes action based on employee survey results,” our global research shows a score of 70% favorable for highly engaged employees versus only 2% for the disengaged. It’s really up to the managers and directors to ensure that the results are communicated to the employees and find solutions to problems and congratulate teams on the high marks. If you can’t find the time to conduct meetings on the results, you’re never going to get that house built!

Tip 6 – Build a Customer Focused Team

Intro: This blog is written to further elaborate with my own views on the  “8 Tips to Engage Your Employees” booklet written by our experts.

customerfocusThe best businesses employ best practices. One of the basic practices is to ensure customer satisfaction in order to keep them buying more from you and not wander off to competitors.

I can see why this is the #6 tip in our booklet. When you have engaged employees, from practicing the previous tips, you will have more satisfied customers.

Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.”  Stephen R. Covey

When employees are truly engaged in their work and the company, they too, have invested themselves emotionally and physically primarily because they BELIEVE IN THE MISSION. How did they come to believe in it? Great leadership? Company cheerleaders? Infectious enthusiasm from coworkers? Belief in their abilities from their managers? Perhaps a little of each.

When sales people make a pitch for a product, they have to truly believe in it or it won’t sell. And when their belief system clicks with enthusiasm, they can sell ice cubes to snow men! The same belief has to be at the heart of all employees in order to be completely customer-focused.

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Good Leadership Drives Employee Engagement


I read a great “bloggicle” (blog-article) written by Justin Locke which posted today, May 21, 2014. It’s entitled, “The Flip Side of Employee Engagement.” The title tells me a lot already and then after reading it, learned just how vital leadership’s role is.

You can have plenty of engaged employees but if management cannot or will not foster a healthy work environment in order for engagement to thrive, you will soon have a toxic environment that can lead to exiting employees.

Yes, good leadership drives employee engagement, and as Locke puts it, “…’engagement’ is no longer a nice thing to have, it is now essential to your bottom line.” To that end, wouldn’t it be wise to train managers to acquire more people skills? Nowadays, many managers not only have to manage their people, but they too, are doing the work alongside them. Do they have time to work on people skills? Perhaps they should make the time. Even having a manager’s forum or meeting once a month to discuss issues with HR or the organization’s top leaders could provide them with the soft skills required to invoke employee engagement.

Controlling Emotions at Work – Easier Said, Than Done

Human Emotions

No matter how high tech the machines we invent are, or ever will be, we are still only human beings. As we know, human beings are complex creatures, not too unlike other animals if it were not for the human brain reigning supreme. What catapulted us to the top of the food chain was our ability to use our brains to invent tools and fire, not to mention having an opposable thumb. That came in handy, too. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

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Consistently Being Late for Work Says Something Other Than Waking Up Late

FNF-Dagwood1So, it’s Monday morning and that danged alarm clock seems louder than ever as it blasts off at 7:00 AM. You look over at the clock to make sure you actually see if it hasn’t somehow mysteriously gone off an hour earlier. Not a chance. The radio DJ reminds you of the correct time every 10 seconds, so that was wishful thinking.

As you roll out of bed and begin your morning ablutions, you may even wonder what it would be like to call in and take a vacation day. Nah! That’s lame. Slowly but surely you start to wake up…especially after taking an invigorating shower, and perhaps a cup of Joe.

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You Don’t Deserve What You Ask For —

You Deserve What You Negotiate

Lunch Meeting

My friend, Alan Geng, who emigrated from China, once told me, “We have a saying, ‘You don’t deserve what you ask for, you deserve what you negotiate.’” This was one of many sayings from Alan, which I started a file folder called, “Alan Geng’s Wise Sayings.”

Oftentimes it takes me quite a while for some things to sink in. At the time Alan told me that, I probably thought, “Oh there he goes again, with those old Chinese sayings. What the heck is he talking about now?”

One day, the saying dawned on me when thinking about asking my boss for a raise. I’ve held out my hand before for more money, and walked away rather embarrassed—and empty handed. I felt I deserved more money because I go above and beyond my job description, but that won’t cut the mustard in the eyes of the boss. Therefore, that saying finally made sense to me. I just couldn’t simple ask for a raise, I had to prove I deserved it by negotiating. And how does one negotiate more earnings?

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