Avoid an EEOC Nightmare!

gavelI would like to add on to the “Engagement Tops the List for Keeping HR Up at Night!” post, written by Christy Kessler (http://blog.tnsemployeeinsights.com/?p=3540). She brings up some great points, but what about the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)? From my experience, an EEOC lawsuit is an HR department’s worst nightmare.

I have spent a year working for the EEOC before working here at TNS Employee Insights and I have been involved in several multi-million dollar lawsuits against some reputable organizations. From interviewing countless witnesses and class members, I have found a clear trend: most employees are simply too scared to go to management about their issues in fear of retaliation. In many cases, it is management that discriminates against their employees. However, it only takes one complainant to get others talking, resulting in what could be a 4 year migraine for your HR department. Believe me, the EEOC is relentless.

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2014 – Upon reflection…

NewYears2As 2013 quickly comes to a close, it’s the usual time to reflect upon your professional contributions.  Has your company lived up to its promises this year, and have you lived up to yours?  Do you feel one step closer to advancing within your organization or has someone come knocking at your door from another?  How much mentoring and valuable input have you contributed or received from your colleagues in 2013?  If any, has the feedback helped you to feel a stronger sense of purpose within your company?  Whew, yes…there are a lot of questions to ask yourself; but reflecting on these may have you realize just how engaged (or not) you truly are at this point in time.  When you feel truly engaged, you exercise a high level of discretionary performance and energy. Do you look for new ways to solve new problems and complete standard tasks, continuously examining how you can improve on the job, investing time and effort significantly beyond what is required?  Reflecting on your level of engagement might prompt you to re-evaluate 2013 activities and what changes you may ponder for the coming year.  If you feel you are already highly engaged, consider how you will continue to challenge yourself in 2014 and how you may advocate your energy on your employer’s behalf.

In either case, TNS wishes you a healthy and engaging professional journey in 2014 and beyond.

Rate Your Manager – Ho, Ho, Ho or Bah Hum Bug!

WorldsBestBoss_HollySo, how flexible are managers when it comes to allowing their employees time off around the holidays?  Are employees given flexibility to balance their work and personal obligations?

According to TNS 2013 global normative benchmark data, there’s a bit of difference between high performing organizations and those that don’t measure up to these ideal standards…

77% of employees in high performing organizations say that their managers support them in balancing their work and personal lives as compared to 69% in a typical organization.

As a manager, isn’t it time you celebrate your employees and their commitment to both you and their families – I vote, “Ho, Ho, Ho”!

Linking Business Execution, Sustainability and Engagement

feedback1A key driver of successful business execution is sustainability.  Loss of essential employees needed to achieve key strategic goals can impact organizational success.  I came upon a definition from Successfactors that describes sustainability as the means for making sure that key talent is engaged and fully committed to the company and its strategy.  This also requires that organizations develop processes to predict, manage and minimize employee turnover.

A global hospitality client of ours understands this link and developed employee survey processes targeting frequent feedback around engagement and exit management. Information learned through these valuable survey mechanisms is used to transfer knowledge across different segments of the workforce.  For example, segmentation of key talent is utilized to assess engagement levels and hold managers accountable for targets and action plans tied to organizational strategy.

Sustainable performance is a leading indicator for great companies.  At some point, every employee will leave an organization.  Establishing business processes to avoid preventable turnover and ensuring consistent operations in the face of workforce changes can help engage employees and reduce turnover.  The successful executive of business processes, such as employee survey programs, will help HR widen its focus toward creating talent management processes that help the workforce deliver strategic, successful business results.

Retail Tips – Moving from Paper to Online Surveys


CHRO’s and those responsible for engagement in retail organizations are asking themselves the same question year after year…. Paper Surveys, Online Surveys, or Both?  Historically, paper survey methodologies have been more conducive for data collection within retail work environments when conducting global employee research programs.  However, many companies overlook the additional risk, time and cost requirements associated with implementing these types of studies.  One way to minimize these risks/costs and ensure a seamless administration is to consider setting up computer kiosks for employees to access the survey during data collection.

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