Work Stations

Employees typically spend much of their time at their desks working. I often joke that I spend more time at my desk than I do in my apartment. If we are spending so much time at our desks, what is the least we ask from our employers? How about the ability to add a few personal touches. Continue Reading →

A 25 Hour Work Week: Crazy or Clever?

Recent news about  a controversial proposal by James W. Vaupel (a Danish professor who is the head of the new Max-Planck Odense Center on the Biodemography of Aging) that a 25 hour work week would be a better alternative to the 40 hour work week has stirred up conversation within the working world. This idea reflects on efforts to improve employee work-life balance while capitalizing on patterns of work productivity. Continue Reading →

Too Engaged?

Organizations of course want engaged employees. Engaged employees are highly sought after and desired by organizations. We don’t often stop and consider what happens if employees are too engaged. Is this a bad thing? Continue Reading →

Engagement: What Happens at Home after Work?

When we think employee engagement, we typically think about work life. While employee engagement is important while at work and on the job, our lives outside of work are also important to consider. How do the two worlds help or hinder each other? Continue Reading →

The “Dreaded” Performance Reviews

We all dread performance reviews. And not just the topic, but the actual meeting that must occur in managers delivering the performance reviews and employees feeling awkward as the review occurs. There seems to be a strong negative connotation when saying the words, yet we all know how important performance reviews are to our development as employees. So, how do we lighten the topic? Continue Reading →

Work Group Effectiveness on Individuals

In the world of sports, a common adage used to motivate members of a team is to use the stronger team members to push you harder and help you improve your own skills. I played soccer from kindergarten all through high school and there is truth to this. I always had a sense for the “best” player on my team and I learned as much skill as I could from their example. Continue Reading →

Why Does Employee Engagement Matter?

When we look at organizations, there are so many different components that comprise the relationship between employee and organization. It is hard to pinpoint the most important aspect the influences this relationship. The hottest topic is normally job satisfaction. Why is this? I believe that while job satisfaction is not “easy” to diagnose and solve, it is often used as a scapegoat for organizational problems. Continue Reading →

All Work But No Play

As jobs require employees to take on more and more responsibilities and work, employees can get burnt out very quickly. Long hours and lack of resources can leave employees feeling anything but engaged on the job. While organizations are not currently always able to give employees large wage increases, there are other options available to keep morale high.

The Ping Pong Table and Bags set setup in a storage area at the TNSei office near Chicago. Employees can take a break, have some fun, and team build at the same time.

One of the most effective ways to take all the work out of the workday is to provide employees with opportunities to step away from the desk and refresh themselves. This does not have to mean that the organization needs to take extravagant measures, however, something as simple as a group lunch out can provide employees with a break. Not only does this allow employees to eat away from their desks, but also it provides valuable bonding among employees.

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