TNS’s Mike Schroeder Speaks at Qualtrics Summit 2015


FEBRUARY 18, 2015 – Mike Schroeder, CEO of TNS Employee Insights, is in Utah this week, not only to enjoy the scenery, but he was invited by Qualtrics to speak there again this year. The title of his presentation is, “Employee Engagement: From Insights to Action Plans.”

Mike will discuss how to move from insights to actionable improvements in employee engagement. How do you coach your managers about what they need to do with employee engagement survey results? What do they do to move the needle in the future?

See Qualtric’s Facebook page for more details and see where we are listed on their website!

If you want to know more about the presentation, please feel free to contact me.

How to Steer Clear of Toxic Environments

toxicToxicity can happen anywhere at any given workplace no matter how small or large, or what industry. Where there is human interaction, there is potential for disappointment that can add up to unhappy employees. Unhappy employees tend to want to spread their misery to others, even if unknowingly doing so. The disengagement of such employees is off the charts. What becomes toxic is the spread of that unhappiness and others’ reaction to it.

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