What went wrong?

It is an inevitability that individuals leave their jobs. Sometimes leaving a position is a result of dissatisfaction with something within the organization (e.g., the manager, the hours, the tasks were too difficult/easy for the employee’s skills, etc.) and sometimes it’s a result of external factors such as a spouse’s job relocation or better opportunities elsewhere. There are many reasons why an employee may terminate his or her employment and often times this information is not well utilized by supervisors. Information regarding employee turnover can be evaluated to improve the work environment for current and future employees if leaders find that an organizational deficiency does exist. Continue Reading →

TNS at HRMAC Summit NOW!

TNS Employee Insights is at HRMAC Summit today in Rosemont, Illinois. If you are already coming to the summit, please stop by booth 120. Christy Kessler and Mary O’Brien will be available to speak with you. If you’re not going to the HRMAC Summit, you can always call us at 847-726-4040.

Yes! We Still Print Paper Surveys!

Many of you know the fundamental reasons why employee engagement surveys are so useful and essential to the success of any organization, large or small. On our website, TNS Employee Insights, you can read how in more detail.

In today’s ultra-modern hyper-tech world, when most people think of a survey, they think of them being conducted through the computer or by smart phone. The truth is that in many locations domestic and abroad, paper surveys are still the way to go for many companies and not because they are behind the times. Continue Reading →

Engagement Summit Takes a Bite of Big Apple

Well, we’re off to a great start at our Employee Engagement Summit 2012 in NYC. Here are just a few pictures we want to share with you and there will be more to come. We’ll be taping it too, so if you are interested in greater detail, let me know!

Three Components of a Killer Exit Interview

by Kyle Lagunas

Fact: When an employee leaves, all of the time, energy and resources you invested in them walks out the door. Though some organizations will have employees take a brief exit survey, they’re doing little to learn how the company can better attract and retain top talent in the future.

A formal process for managing the end of an employee’s lifecycle–offboarding–is an HR department’s diamond in the rough. They’re your last chance to capture honest feedback from an employee. But you should be doing more than just collecting data. “The organizations that get offboarding right are able to capture feedback and make it actionable,” says Lars Schmidt, Director of Talent Acquisition at NPR. Continue Reading →

Which is Better: An Exit Survey or Exit Interview?

A lot of organizations do not use exit surveys or exit interviews.  When an employee leaves, that’s it.  In my opinion, any organization that fails to gather information as an employee leaves is missing potentially the most important information that can be collected.  Employees leave organizations for numerous reasons ranging from personal reasons to a better offer.  Organizations invest a lot of time and money in the development of each employee; therefore, it is vital to get answers to important questions. Continue Reading →