Squirrels Strike at Squirrely Co in Squirrelville

A nutty case study


Letter-O-60pt-Castellarnce upon a time, there was a little village known as Squirrelville, USA. The inhabitants were real squirrels and they were quite efficient as hunters, but mostly gatherers in their community.

For years, the squirrels worked in harmony with each other because they were very well-organized and everyone had a role to play. Each role was described in great detail so that there would be no mistake as to what each squirrel had to do. Life was good.

There was a company called Squirrely Co, which was quite popular and only the brightest and smartest of the squirrel community could work there. At Squirrely Co, the squirrels produced nut jam, nut butter, nut soup, and nut meg. These were specialty items that only the hoidiest of toidiest of squirrels could afford. Squirrel Co operated efficiently and as a result, was very prosperous.

Squirrely Co was successful because the work environment was well-structured. There was a CEO, managers, administrators, and various departments of workers. The CEO told the administrators what to do, the administrators told the managers what to do, and the managers told the workers what to do.

Squirrel Co had great benefits too, which included medical, dental and accidental road kill. Not all squirrel companies could afford accidental road kill as they considered it too risky of a health hazard. The company also allowed their associates to buy stock in nuts. The only risk here would be a rise and fall in market value on a daily basis and it was also a seasonal risk.

Everyone at Squirrel Co was very happy… or so it seemed.

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Engagement Surveys in Manufacturing

Are you an HR professional in the manufacturing sector?  Do you handle the Employee Engagement Surveys for your organization?

ScreenHunter_07 Dec. 12 14.34

Take a look at our infographic on engagement and recognition in the manufacturing industry.

And here is a quick read on some things to consider before your next survey:

Taking into consideration new and existing process improvement strategies within the manufacturing industry, such as Six Sigma and many new lean manufacturing methodologies, employee surveys can ensure people alignment with these new strategies.  They also enable manufacturing companies to understand what drivers are going to keep their workforce engaged and willing to exert discretionary behaviors that will help the company bring the product(s) they are manufacturing to market quickly and more efficiently.

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