Change is Good


I’m all for progress, but I don’t want to change. Isn’t that a silly statement? Of course it is. It’s duplicitous.  You can’t have one without the other. One must change in order to progress. Yet, there are many of us who unknowingly insinuate this all the time, whether it’s part of one’s personality, or the outlook by top administrators of a company.

As human beings, we know we are creatures of habit, and as they also say, “Old habits die hard.” It’s true. It’s also true that the older one gets, the more reluctant one is to change. Boy, I feel as though I’m having a déjà vu as I write this, but we may say we are all for progress, but we are doing things that insinuate otherwise. There’s the ambiguity!

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Scatterbrained? Stay Organized Using Outlook’s Task Manager

organizingIf you work on a computer all day, you know what it means to “multi-task.” More and more, we are multi-tasking to the high hilt. I don’t know if I’m coming or going some days when I’m swamped.

We use Microsoft Outlook as our email program of choice. I find that using Outlook’s Task Manager really helps me to stay organized. Plus when I complete a job, I send out a task status to my boss and anyone else involved. Also, my task manager is set up so that my boss can see for herself what projects I have on my plate, instead of having to come around and ask me.

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