Tip 5 – Encourage Teamwork

Intro: This blog is written to further elaborate with my own views on the  “8 Tips to Engage Your Employees” booklet written by our experts.

Football Team in a Huddle

Energy begets energy. It’s amazing how energy from other humans can be so contagious. I love it!

While working on my bachelor’s in Applied Behavioral Science at National-Louis University, not only did the interest of the study itself draw our class together, but the energy and team spirit we experienced was amazing. Great things were accomplished from our conglomerated visions, and bold, fresh ideas were born. Truly, energy begot energy in those good, ole’ night courses. So much so, that when I got home after school, I could hardly settle down to sleep.

Teams in the workplace are no different. With the right chemistry and guidance, people in teams can be energized and motivated to do great things. They also say there is “power in numbers.” Power and energy… what a dynamic duo!

Smooth running machine teams are organized and systemized on top of having great energy and ideas. Without organization, you could have chaos and people will eventually abandon the team if it becomes a toxic environment and a waste of time.

In order to get the most from teams, as with meeting tips, my advice is…

  1. Assign an unbiased leader – someone other than a manager
  2. Keep organized by recording highlights from meetings – these used to be called “minutes”
  3. Adhere to agendas
  4. Tap into individuals’ expertise by allowing everyone a say via “round table”
  5. Brainstorm for solutions and record them for future consideration
  6. Inform superiors that your goals are accomplished and implemented


POST-ITPICI want to share (and brag a little too) about a recent contest TNS Employee Insights entered called the 2013 Post-it pARTy, which is a fund-raiser for Unicef organized by Kantar, one of our affiliate companies. The object is to create the best wall mural made out of post-it notes.

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Leadership Starts with You!

6-6-2013Are you a leader who’s willing to roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty and dive into any challenge?

If you really want to lead successfully, you must demonstrate that you are committed to being part of the team.  Be willing to dive in and do whatever you would ask others to do, regardless of the task.  A key driver of employee engagement revolves around the front-line supervisor or leader.  It lies in their ability to handle the basics well. It’s the simple things that make a difference – showing up to meetings on time, treating others with respect, valuing their opinions, etc.  In high performing organizations, leaders treat their employees with respect and dignity almost 90% of the time. (Source:  TNS 2013 High Performing Company Benchmark)

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