Engagement Tops the List for Keeping HR Up at Night!

Posted on October 1, 2013 by Christy Kessler

clockAccording to a recent survey conducted by Human Resources Executive, ensuring employees remain engaged tops the list for the second straight year in a row as the number one issue.  Yet, when asked how much time these busy HR executives spend focused on engagement, it’s only 26% of their time.

Other top issues for busy HR executives were development of leaders and employee retention.  It’s interesting that these two issues are also keenly related to engaging people.  Perhaps it’s time to dust off the existing engagement survey program, move away from the traditional biennial or annual approach toward more frequent employee feedback.

One global hospitality client of ours understands the role that truly engaged employees have on other business measures such as customer satisfaction and profitability among their hotel brands.  They seek feedback from their employees twice a year with the second survey specifically focusing on measuring progress achieved on engagement priorities.

By keeping engagement top of mind in this fast-moving global organization, they have been able to also develop leaders more quickly and retain key employees.  It’s a win, win for this organization and that allows their HR leaders to sleep at night.  ZZZZ…

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Christy Kessler leads the client services team which includes business development and marketing initiatives for TNS Employee Insights. She also serves as an integral part of our client service team and regularly consults with clients on survey initiatives. With a combination of corporate human resource experience combined with more than 15 years of nonprofit management and leadership experience she brings unique perspectives to her blog posts on a regular basis.

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