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Posted on December 9, 2013 by TNS Consulting Team (via Scott Spayd) you have been in the position of hiring employees for very long (whether as a department manager or an HR pro) you may know the frustration that comes when a job candidate goes through the entire hiring process only to decline your offer. If this occurs very frequently, you may begin to wonder what it is that is stopping the best candidates from joining your team. The first, and most obvious, reason may be that the compensation package does not meet the candidate’s expectations. However; there are many other things that a job candidate may be seeking that you are not delivering.

Having a background working in non-profit organizations, job candidates often turn down compensations packages that are too low in comparison to similar jobs in for-profit organizations. The way I have tried to ward off the 11th hour job offer rejection is to make the pay range clear to all candidates after the application process, but before the phone screen to confirm with all candidates that they are still interested. With this approach, this makes for a good time to discuss the benefits and rewards of a career in a non-profit (or whatever kind of organization you may work with).

Many times a rejected job offer might come because of the timing of your hiring process, either too fast or too slow. If you are too hasty in making an offer, the candidate may not feel as if he or she knows much about the company or position and become disenchanted by the quickness. Just as in a relationship, you probably shouldn’t confess your love on the first date! Likewise, the process should not take too long or you risk the chance that your top choice will have been picked up by someone else first, which is likely if the candidate is serious about job searching. Moreover, no one gets the warm fuzzies from an organization that still hasn’t decided whether they want to hire you after interviewing you 2 months ago. There is a delicate balance in timing for hiring processes which should take into account job level.

Another reason why job candidates just don’t seem to be buying what you’re selling, is that you’re not giving the people what they want. Do you have an organization with positions that can be just as effective with flexible hours or even remote work? Do you offer ample opportunities to advance and learn? If you don’t offer some of these more trendy job attributes, other organizations will, and you may find the best talent accepting offers at those organizations. Especially with Millenials steadily making up a higher percentage of the workforce, flexibility is sometimes more valuable to employees than a fat paycheck. If an organization or specific position is not conducive to flexible work schedules however, there are other creative options to sweeten the pot such as frequent catering for employees, discounted gym memberships, or some planned outings for departments during normal work hours. The sky’s the limit when it comes to making your job offer more attractive, so feel free to get creative. It might even be worthwhile to ask some current employees (or send out a survey if time permits) what creative job attributes they would like to see implemented to help brainstorm.

Does your organization have some special attribute that really attracted you as a job seeker? What is something you wish your organization would implement?

TNS Consulting Team (via Scott Spayd)

About TNS Consulting Team (via Scott Spayd)

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