Good Parenting Skills Essential for Employee Engagement

Posted on October 15, 2014 by TNS Consulting Team (via Scott Spayd)

parentingHow do good parenting skills affect employee engagement? What does parenting have to do with their son or daughter being engaged or disengaged at work?

If one is still lucky enough as I am to have their parents around to offer advice once in a while, consider how their influence can affect your work. My parents—my good parents—have always supported my goals in life, especially my talents. They are the wind beneath my wings, so to speak. I have always taken into account their honest feedback, good or bad, at several of the jobs I had in my life. That being said, sometimes when I felt I was not being treated fairly, they gave me open and honest feedback. If I was wrong, as hard as it was to take, I realized they were telling me for my own good in order to grow in the working world. So, there it is; growing up in the working world could use some parenting.

I remember sometimes joking when my son was young, “Boy, I can’t wait until you’re 18.” Of course, as time passed and my son moved out, I missed him dearly. But kids come back! Maybe they don’t come back to live with you and maybe they do. Regardless, many of us still ask our folks for advice or we need to vent about what’s going on at work.

Sure our working experience may be different across the generations, chiefly, Veterans and Baby Boomers, but I still believe good work ethics are the same and always will be. I think most work issues deal with human interaction. I have been coached by my mother to ask myself, “Am I being too thin-skinned?” in various situations. And if being thin-skinned is ruled out, then I have to think about how I should approach the situation before it “festers,” another buzz word from Mom.

My father on the other hand doesn’t sugar-coat anything. He was a manager at Northern Illinois Gas Company for years and then Superintendent for McHenry County Public Works. He’ll tell you flatly the black and white of things, whereas my mother goes into shades of gray. Between the both of them I get the answers I need.

The best advice my father gave me, though sometimes very hard to control, he said, “As soon as you raise your voice, you lose the argument.” It doesn’t matter if you are right or wrong. Keeping one’s temper under control is good advice, since I’m sometimes a touchy creative person.

For those who may not be lucky enough to still have their folks around, or never asked them for advice, perhaps you still listened to someone older as to how to manage situations at work.

As far as engagement is concerned, little by little as you learn how the working world operates and hurdle over all the challenges you face daily, they’ll add up to your own experience that you will pass along to your children. The more experience you acquire, you may find you’re more engaged with the business because you are better equipped to pick and choose your battles. Those out of the way, you can focus on business matters at hand.

My son tells me he has always relied on my advice and encouragement with his work. I am honest and most likely start by saying, “Take my advice or leave it but…” Whether he does or not, I’m honored that he checks in with me before he moves forward. My son asks me mostly to advise him on soft skills, people skills, not business acumen, to which he is quite capable work out on his own.

So, just when you think you’re done parenting, you’re not. We still have parenting to do whether it’s about work, or personal family life.

What’s the best work advice you ever gave your son or daughter? And what’s the work best advice you ever received from your parents?

TNS Consulting Team (via Scott Spayd)

About TNS Consulting Team (via Scott Spayd)

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