Leadership Gone Wrong

Posted on June 11, 2013 by Katherine Razzi

Of course we all want to focus on the positives of leadership. Leadership is an important part of organizations and can have such a great or bad impact on employees. Poor management or leadership can dampen employee’s efforts and stomp out creativity. What are other consequences?

We are all psychological beings and the workplace is no exception. With interpersonal relationships and work expectations can come many opportunities for things to go array. When you add more leaders into the mix, it is generally the employees who end up struggling.

Researchers Liu, Liao, and Loi (2012) studied the effect of abusive supervisors of employees. By abusive, the researchers meant supervisors that use verbal and nonverbal behaviors. Some actions could include bullying an employee or demeaning their abilities in from of a large group. These are examples of behavior that may be very upsetting to an employee.

The question is what happens when to the employee when this occurs over and over again. Employees can only take so much and eventually they will be impacted by poor leadership. Abusive leadership has been widely studied and as you can expect most of the effects of abusive leadership are that an employee is defeated.

The researchers dug deeper into the impact of abusive leadership and focused on how an employee’s creativity can be challenged. One of the most important qualities that an employee can possess and bring to an organization is creativity. Creativity from employees allows an organization to improve itself with employee suggestions and implementations to better the organization.

Research: Liu, D., Liao, H., & Loi, R. (2012). The dark side of leadership: A three-level investigation of the cascading effect of abusive supervision on employee creativity. Academy of Management Journal, 55, 1187-1212.

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