Retail Tips – Moving from Paper to Online Surveys

Posted on November 5, 2013 by Phil Garvy


CHRO’s and those responsible for engagement in retail organizations are asking themselves the same question year after year…. Paper Surveys, Online Surveys, or Both?  Historically, paper survey methodologies have been more conducive for data collection within retail work environments when conducting global employee research programs.  However, many companies overlook the additional risk, time and cost requirements associated with implementing these types of studies.  One way to minimize these risks/costs and ensure a seamless administration is to consider setting up computer kiosks for employees to access the survey during data collection.

This type of online survey methodology, however, involves building a network of stakeholders including your IT department.  Prior to your survey kick-off (ideally 2-3 months before), it is imperative that you liaise with your IT stakeholders to conduct a needs assessment to ensure proper resources (e.g., computers) and technical requirements (e.g., SSO set-up, security reviews, etc.) are in place prior to launch.  In turn, this allows the organization to seamlessly capture survey data since it is all collected online and significantly decrease the data processing time/cost associated with still leveraging a paper survey methodology.  Taking into consideration many green initiatives and the fact that many retail companies already have computers that employees can access in most (if not all) store locations, companies should take advantage of online survey methodologies even when the majority of their organization may not have a proverbial “desk job” (with access to a personal computer) and still tap into the collective intelligence of their organization through employee feedback and use that information as a means of effectively building human capital strategies year in and year out.

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Phillip Garvy is a Project Manager with TNS. In this role, he is responsible for managing the entire project lifecycle of multiple global research projects for a client base of Fortune 500 companies and consulting with clients on various data collection and reporting methodologies to understand employee and organizational behavior. Phillip works with senior leaders across the globe to measure employee engagement and its linkages to other important KPI metrics and organizational outcomes. He studied Industrial & Organizational Psychology at DePaul University.

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