Why You Should Add Analytics to HR

The university I attend for my graduate coursework has recently appointed a new president that is making efforts to change much of how the staff and faculty do their work. That is, he is placing a very real and urgent emphasis on collecting data to assess the impact of anything and everything employees do for the university. While some might see this as a pain, those of us who love assessment are breathing a sigh of relief because it means that not only will the programs for student success on campus improve (because those working in them know they will be evaluated more closely) but we will know much more about how each program affects students who are the university’s customers, after all. Continue Reading →

Survey Struggles


When assessing employee satisfaction it is important to be very cognizant of how to do so successfully. That is, it is easy to unintentionally measure something that is unrelated to workplace satisfaction. For example, merely asking employees if they liked a recent training program is not nearly as useful a question as asking how many times they used something they learned in the training program in the last month.

The first step in understanding employees’ perceptions is to know what questions to ask in order to elicit the most accurate responses possible. Many leaders in organizations attempt to create a quick survey in house to give to employees, but often times obtaining inaccurate information based on a poorly constructed survey can be waste a company time and money. Continue Reading →