2 Perspectives on Respect

http://www.sxc.hu/browse.phtml?f=download&id=479608There are many reasons why an employee may perceive or experience a lack of respect in an organization. Perhaps an employee feels the manager speaks condescendingly to him or her. Maybe some employees see that they are systematically excluded from team meetings that they feel they should be a part of. It’s possible that an employee is used to certain culture of respect at a former organization that is not as apparent in his or her current organization. Whatever the reason, there seems to be a disconnect in perceptions of respect at work based on one’s status in the company. Continue Reading →

Teams: A Key Ingredient for High-Performing Organizations

Every organization wants to succeed and be considered a high-performing organization.  The tough part is allowing this to happen.  We have all seen high-performing organizations such as General Motors collapse.  Industrial-organizational psychologists argue that although there are circumstances such as economic recessions that organizations have little control over, organizations should be proactive. Continue Reading →

Make Better Decisions Today

In business, making appropriate decisions is absolutely crucial to the organization’s success. Decision-making is so important that many researchers have even devoted their lives to understanding what leads people to make the best decisions possible. For example, is it better to make an important decision using the long-term expertise of those who have worked closely in the organization or is it better to use an outside perspective? Continue Reading →

Raters and 360° Feedback

The use of 360° feedback has continued to increase as organizations understand the value of using this assessment style. 360° feedback allows employees, managers, and the organization to gain valuable insight into one’s performance from a more varied group of raters. Performance evaluations tend to cause employees stress and anxiety. Although there are many reasons for this worry, most commonly, employees feel that his or her manager is out to get them. When 360° feedback is implemented, the presence of bias is decreased and no longer is the assessment resting on the manager’s opinion.

Is 360° feedback the perfect solution for performance appraisals? Like an appraisal system, there are flaws that should be understood by organizations and the organization should work hard to prevent inaccurate performance appraisals. We have all been in groups or work settings in which there seems to be one “odd man out” or one person that just does not seem to mesh will with the rest of the group. It is not that there is anything wrong with this employee, but there are differences in personalities. Unfortunately, this employee may be a target for poor performance evaluations.

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