I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Like You!

workplace-bullyingI am tired of admitting it, but yes, I’m sensitive. After thinking about it some more, I think I’m pretty normal though. I’m kinesthetic and that’s a good thing in my opinion. Sometimes, I’m surprised I let slide by a lot of what people say and do. However, sometimes I reach a plateau and say, “Hey, I’m not taking that ___ anymore.” So what’s going on?

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Women, Bullying, and Employee Engagement

In previous posts, we have focused on the negative consequences of workplace bullying. Workplace bullying can have lasting impacts on employees and cause problems in the office. What about women specifically? Is bullying amongst women even more prevalent in the workplace? Continue Reading →

Bullying in the Workplace

Bullying, once thought to be a childhood behavior, has gained increase attention in the workplace.  As human beings, we all face social situations in the workplace that can be both positive and negative.  In the workplace, coworkers can create exclusive groups and leave other coworkers feeling like outsiders.  Even worse, employees can begin to bully an employee because of differences.  A coworker of mine at my job in high school was quite overweight.  Despite his weight, he was able to complete the job but was not as fast on his feet as the other employees. Comments were made to the employee about being overweight and slow.  It felt like we were back in middle school and could not accept each other’s differences. Continue Reading →