A Case of the Mondays

How often do you feel as though you are not only disengaged with work, but just barely surviving the week? Many employees feel as though they have a “case of the Mondays” almost every day of the week. They wake up begrudgingly and extremely tired, do what they have to in order to look presentable at the office (usually the bare minimum effort required), drive in to work, sit down at their desks, and day dream until they are permitted to go home to their real life where they watch t.v. until it’s time to go to bed and start over again. Obviously, there are many problems with this, beyond the negative impact on job performance.

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5, 10, 15 minutes: How Late is Acceptable?

By nature, I am an early bird.  No matter if it is work or getting together with friends, I will be early.  Running late causes me a great deal of stress and anxiety, so I do all that is in my power to not only be on time, but leave a few minutes of leeway just in case. Continue Reading →