Too Much Talk, Not Enough Action

As social beings, we have an innate desire to build relationships with others. Some of us are more extraverted and interested in cultivating these relationships than our introvert counterparts, but nonetheless, employees must communicate with others in the workplace. With this communication can come the potential for one of the silent but deadly counterproductive work behaviors. Continue Reading →

Workplace Bullying Interventions

So your workplace has a bully or two. How are you going to handle the negative impact of a bully on the relationships within the workplace? Some would say it is best to ignore the bully(s), but ignoring the problem does not solve it. When a bully threatens other employees, something must be done. So, what should an organization do to combat bullying? Continue Reading →

Professional Reputations

Each and every one of us has a personal reputation at our job. This reputation is a product of how we interact with others as well as the way in which we complete our work. The reputation we have in the workplace can significantly impact our future success at an organization as well as career options at other organizations. We tend to forget how our reputations with coworkers and employees in our organizational can influence our future careers. Continue Reading →

Social Support

Work can be extremely stressful and place us in challenging and exhausting situations.  When a project is not going as planned and the going gets tough, it is important to have support from someone to get you through.  Research indicates that those employees who seek social support from work and non-work sources tend to report feeling less stressed than those that do not seek social support.  Continue Reading →