Cross-Cultural Training

To remain competitive, organizations have been forced to enter the global market. Competition is fierce in today’s economy, and with global organizations comes a very basic necessity: cross-cultural training. By cross-cultural training I mean training that employees receive on not only how to deal with cultural differences among customers, but also training available to employees that relocate to another country. Sometimes employees moving to another country are known as expatriates because they are leaving their country of origin and traveling to a new place.

Think about your life right now and imagine your organization wanted you to move to Asia. If you had to pack up all your belongings and move to a new country, there would be a lot of changes in your life. First and foremost, you would need somewhere to live, and preferably somewhere safe. Your organization would have needed to assist you in locating a safe housing environment as you likely have no idea about your new home country. How will you communicate with people? Will you know the currency system? Continue Reading →

Why Are We Spending Money on Training?

Organizations are currently trying to cut costs wherever possible.  Unfortunately, training falls into the category of budget cuts.  Many organizations believe that training is not very beneficial and can be conducted on a lower-level.  However, organizations are not realizing that training has time and time again been strongly correlated with high performing employees.  Train employees how to complete a task and his or her performance will increase.  Continue Reading →