Out With the Old, In with the New

During a presentation from a graduate of my masters program last year, the presenter told us something that caught my attention. He said in today’s world, the average person will have 6 or 7 different jobs at different organizations. Continue Reading →

Leadership Development: Using Implicit Leadership Theories

When we think about the great leaders of our world, how did these individuals come to be such great leaders? Where these individuals born with leadership skills or were they developed? This is a question that continues to be questioned in the realm of organizational development. If leaders are not born with traits, how can individuals be developed into great leaders? Continue Reading →

Learning and Retention

Employees are no longer staying at one organization for the duration of his or her career. It is increasingly common for employees to change organizations or positions several times. While this can be very positive for the employee and allows them to find the best position and organizational fit, organizations often suffer from the high cost of hiring and training when existing employees choose to leave.

A question that many organizations face time and time again is, “How do we keep the most talented employees? How do we make them want to stay here?” The answers to these questions is not easy. There are often many factors and reasons for why a talented employee decides to leave an organization. Some of the factors the organization may have control over, and others the organization may not have any control over. Continue Reading →