The Importance of Efficiency

Think of how many tasks you complete in a single day. From household chores to completing a report at work, we have many tasks to complete and there is always more than one way to complete the task. If you’re at all like me, when you learn how to complete a task faster and save yourself time, you embrace that efficiency! Continue Reading →

Reminder: Meeting in 5 minutes

How often does your computer pop-up with a reminder that there is a meeting you need to attend? What is the general purpose of the meetings we attend in the workplace? How long do these meetings last and how regularly are we having meetings? Continue Reading →

Employee Engagement: The Importance of the Environment

The TNS Employee Insight Employee Engagement Model serves as tool for understanding employee engagement at different levels. One of the basic areas that is often underestimated is the environment. The environment is often thought of as the physical characteristics that make up a workplace. These are important aspects of the work environment, but they are certainly not the only that should be given attention. Continue Reading →