Employee Handbooks: Digging Deeper

We all know employee handbooks are important and the majority of organizations have a handbook that serves a written document for policies and procedures. These handbooks serve as tools to help employees understand what is expected of them and what constitutes breaking policies. What other purpose do handbooks serve? Continue Reading →

Using Training to Stay Competitive

Organizations are constantly trying to finds ways to remain competitive with other organizations, especially in times of economic hardship. Leaders within these organizations also invest a great deal of time and money into more trendy efforts that may not even work for their organizations. I think that the key to remaining competitive in the future is to develop a culture as a “learning organization.” Continue Reading →

Improving Your Reference Checks

As a human resource professional, it is easy to make mistakes in the hiring process even when not intended, which is a problem for hiring and managing top talent. Specifically, conducting reference checks can be done in such a way that it provides inaccurate and misleading information as opposed to helpful insight. It is actually becoming a trend to seek out other hiring methods to avoid the problems associated with obtaining reference checks.

If this step is required for hiring in an organization, it is important to make the process as structured and objective as reference information can be. Since the nature of reference checks is already somewhat subjective due to supervisors’ opinions and the candidate’s ability to select the most favorable recommendations, there are many steps that should be put in place to ensure accuracy. Continue Reading →

Why Are We Spending Money on Training?

Organizations are currently trying to cut costs wherever possible.  Unfortunately, training falls into the category of budget cuts.  Many organizations believe that training is not very beneficial and can be conducted on a lower-level.  However, organizations are not realizing that training has time and time again been strongly correlated with high performing employees.  Train employees how to complete a task and his or her performance will increase.  Continue Reading →