On Retaining Millenials

Whether you subscribe to the idea that there are or are not generational differences in employees, it is important to make an effort to try new methods for retaining employees of all ages. However, when considering the massive ambition that Millenials are said to have, it is hard to ignore that employers are looking for ways to hold onto younger talent that may be likely to leave for advancement opportunities. The following are a few quick tips for communicating with Millenial employees in such a way that they feel valued and empowered to achieve great things at your company. Continue Reading →

Millenials in Hospitality

Just as any other industry, the hospitality industry faces many of the same challenges with multiple generations in the workforce. However, some admit that finding great talent within the Millenial (or Generation Y) group can be difficult. One might think that many positions in the hospitality industry would be a great fit for a young adult as it is common to begin with little experience and to receive on-the-job training (except for upper level positions). It could also be beneficial for college students to work in the hospitality industry as seasonal employees during breaks from school while gaining business experience. So why is it still so hard to find and, more importantly, keep Millenial employees?

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