What Influences Turnover?

When the topic of turnover comes up in organizations, most organizations believe they have this concept all figured out. Managers will tell you their thoughts about why employees leave their organization. If you have ever heard some of the reasons, like me, you may laugh to yourself thinking that they are missing the ball. Continue Reading →

The Work Group and Employee Engagement

While catching up with a friend over Christmas, the topic of work came up. My friends and I are still relatively new to the workforce and adjusting to the vanished Christmas break and long hours spent at the desk. When talking about workload, one of my friends said to me, “Gail, you can handle working long hours because you actually like the people you work with.” Never before had I stopped and thought about this, but quickly my academic background made the connection to employee engagement. Continue Reading →

Non-Traditional Work Hours and Retention

The once traditional work week continues to evolve into extended hours and the addition of weekend hours. Organizations are also allowing employees more flexibility in their work schedules by allowing them to start later and leave later or start early and leave early. While these different work schedules can be beneficial in maintain a healthy work-family balance, some of the work schedules can have an impact on the length that employees stay at an organization. Continue Reading →