A Case of the Mondays

How often do you feel as though you are not only disengaged with work, but just barely surviving the week? Many employees feel as though they have a “case of the Mondays” almost every day of the week. They wake up begrudgingly and extremely tired, do what they have to in order to look presentable at the office (usually the bare minimum effort required), drive in to work, sit down at their desks, and day dream until they are permitted to go home to their real life where they watch t.v. until it’s time to go to bed and start over again. Obviously, there are many problems with this, beyond the negative impact on job performance.

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The New Trend of Job Sharing

Companies are becoming more flexible in work hours. One of the newest trends is job sharing or two people sharing the same job and working a part of the week. This type of job allows employees to work part-time in a unique form. Job sharing can cut back on the stress that full-time employees often deal with. The Fair Labors Standards Act (FLSA) does not address job sharing. Therefore, the organization should clearly address the expectations to the employees.  Continue Reading →

Managers Beware: Joking Can Be Deadly

Most employees want to have positive relationships with their managers. After all, employees’ managers can dictate the success of an employee moving up or moving down. What happens when managers cross the line? What is the impact on employees? Continue Reading →

What Influences Turnover?

When the topic of turnover comes up in organizations, most organizations believe they have this concept all figured out. Managers will tell you their thoughts about why employees leave their organization. If you have ever heard some of the reasons, like me, you may laugh to yourself thinking that they are missing the ball. Continue Reading →

Why Does Employee Engagement Matter?

When we look at organizations, there are so many different components that comprise the relationship between employee and organization. It is hard to pinpoint the most important aspect the influences this relationship. The hottest topic is normally job satisfaction. Why is this? I believe that while job satisfaction is not “easy” to diagnose and solve, it is often used as a scapegoat for organizational problems. Continue Reading →

Looking At Employee Engagement Differently

It is easy for us all to look at a concept and think of it in terms of what we have always defined it as. For example, when we think of job satisfaction what typically comes to mind is how happy or unhappy an employee is. While this is correct, there is much more to job satisfaction than just level of happiness. The same is true for employee engagement. Continue Reading →

Transformational Leaders: What Can They Do For Your Organization?

We all know how important leaders are for the success of an organization. How would you define the characteristics that a great leader possesses? It can be difficult to put into words what makes a great leader. Some would answer, “They are just a born leader.” How can we define transformational leaders and use their skills to make the best organization? Continue Reading →

Escalation of Commitment and Organizational Commitment

Escalation of commitment occurs when we invest resources into a course of action that is failing. Resources can be time, money, energy, etc. that we continue to put into an investment because we do not want to appear to be inconsistent. Escalation of commitment fits well with the model of organizational commitment developed by Rusbult and Farrell (1983). Continue Reading →

The Relationship between Employee Engagement and Sick Days

It has long been believed that happy employees are more likely to be committed to their organization. The high level of commitment contributes to a lower level of turnover and in general more satisfied employees. Organizations strive to retain employees because of the high cost to find replacements for employees that leave the organization. How do employees demonstrate a lack of commitment? Continue Reading →