What Influences Turnover?

When the topic of turnover comes up in organizations, most organizations believe they have this concept all figured out. Managers will tell you their thoughts about why employees leave their organization. If you have ever heard some of the reasons, like me, you may laugh to yourself thinking that they are missing the ball. Continue Reading →

On Retaining Millenials

Whether you subscribe to the idea that there are or are not generational differences in employees, it is important to make an effort to try new methods for retaining employees of all ages. However, when considering the massive ambition that Millenials are said to have, it is hard to ignore that employers are looking for ways to hold onto younger talent that may be likely to leave for advancement opportunities. The following are a few quick tips for communicating with Millenial employees in such a way that they feel valued and empowered to achieve great things at your company. Continue Reading →

Too Engaged?

Organizations of course want engaged employees. Engaged employees are highly sought after and desired by organizations. We don’t often stop and consider what happens if employees are too engaged. Is this a bad thing? Continue Reading →

All Work But No Play

As jobs require employees to take on more and more responsibilities and work, employees can get burnt out very quickly. Long hours and lack of resources can leave employees feeling anything but engaged on the job. While organizations are not currently always able to give employees large wage increases, there are other options available to keep morale high.

The Ping Pong Table and Bags set setup in a storage area at the TNSei office near Chicago. Employees can take a break, have some fun, and team build at the same time.

One of the most effective ways to take all the work out of the workday is to provide employees with opportunities to step away from the desk and refresh themselves. This does not have to mean that the organization needs to take extravagant measures, however, something as simple as a group lunch out can provide employees with a break. Not only does this allow employees to eat away from their desks, but also it provides valuable bonding among employees.

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Where Are “We” Headed?

It is extremely difficult to be part of a team that has no direction. Imagine working in a team that has to build something but has no plan for the task. Without any clear direction or plan, the team will not be successful. Add in competition from other teams and the task becomes that much more difficult. The same can be said for organizations without a clear direction. Continue Reading →

Organizational Commitment and Future Plans

The level of commitment employees have toward their organization has an impact on the intentions of the employee. Will the employee feel loyalty to the organization or not? This loyalty may influence whether or not an employee wishes to stay at an organization or move on. Continue Reading →

Out With the Old, In with the New

During a presentation from a graduate of my masters program last year, the presenter told us something that caught my attention. He said in today’s world, the average person will have 6 or 7 different jobs at different organizations. Continue Reading →

Transformational Leaders: What Can They Do For Your Organization?

We all know how important leaders are for the success of an organization. How would you define the characteristics that a great leader possesses? It can be difficult to put into words what makes a great leader. Some would answer, “They are just a born leader.” How can we define transformational leaders and use their skills to make the best organization? Continue Reading →

Non-Traditional Work Hours and Retention

The once traditional work week continues to evolve into extended hours and the addition of weekend hours. Organizations are also allowing employees more flexibility in their work schedules by allowing them to start later and leave later or start early and leave early. While these different work schedules can be beneficial in maintain a healthy work-family balance, some of the work schedules can have an impact on the length that employees stay at an organization. Continue Reading →

The Relationship between Employee Engagement and Sick Days

It has long been believed that happy employees are more likely to be committed to their organization. The high level of commitment contributes to a lower level of turnover and in general more satisfied employees. Organizations strive to retain employees because of the high cost to find replacements for employees that leave the organization. How do employees demonstrate a lack of commitment? Continue Reading →