Modeling Engagement anyone who works in a position of authority, employee enagement is a difficult concept to tackle and develop in one’s staff. To even begin thinking about creating an environemnt for employees that is more engaging, one must take much time to plan and assess the needs of the department or organization. So how does a manager or supervisor even begin to engage his or her employees when there’s barely enough time to get the essential day-to-day tasks done? Model engagement. Continue Reading →

Gamification for Engagement

In the recent popularity of more involved wellness programs for employees, there have been may more creative ways to get employees more engaged with these programs, and ultimately, more engaged with their work. One trend that has experienced some success in organizations is that of gamification, or turning wellness engagement into a competitive game. Whether employees are encouraged to spur friendly competition with coworkers or with one’s own wellness progress, it seems as though gamification helps employees to finally view healthy behaviors as fun. Continue Reading →

Customer Importance

More than ever the importance of customer service has increased. Organizations have now realized how important it is to pay special attention the experience that customers have. Therefore, customer experience management has become a hot topic in organizations globally. Continue Reading →

Is Paid Vacation Enough?

How much paid time off do you receive each year at your current job? Our jobs can be very demanding at times leaving us in need of a break. The question is: Is time off always enough? When we are offered a job, the big discussions center around salary and weeks of vacation. Everyone wants more of both. Continue Reading →

Back to the Basics

It is easy in today’s world to get caught up in the “latest and greatest.” Every organization tries to get ahead by thinking of a new approach that competitors have not tried or a product that has not been made yet. Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to think of a new approach to handle work situations that we forget the most basic psychological principles that been the foundation of human behavior for over fifty years.

Let’s start with Albert Bandura, well known for his social learning theory. Bandura is most well known for the experiment he conducted using Bobo Dolls (clown looking punching bags). Children were brought in and watched one of two videos. One video showed an adult beating up the Bobo Doll and clearly demonstrating a great deal of aggression. In the second video, an adult played nicely with the doll and showed no sign of aggression. The children that watched the aggression video imitated the behavior by beating up the Bobo Doll when placed with the toy. However, the children that watched the other video did not display any aggression. Continue Reading →

Rewarding Employees

Earlier this month, Better Works announced that $8 million dollars was gained for employee rewards.  Better Works is a small startup company that helps organizations with employee reward programs.  Better Works has gained a great reputation, which has allowed them to secure incentive programs with local merchants for organizations.  An organization can choose what they want to include in their reward program, and Better Works will customize a program. Continue Reading →