Transformational Leaders and Employees

Take a minute to think about the leaders at your organization. What are the characteristics that define each leader? Is there one key quality that sticks out or is it a combination of qualities? It is no surprise that transformational leaders can have a very positive impact on employees within an organization. Continue Reading →

Longer Hours, But For What Price?

As organizations continue to run lean in terms of employees, what happens to the employees? For starters, they definitely take on more and more responsibility and more tasks. Unfortunately, the new normal is to expect to work long hours, but for what? Continue Reading →

The Checkout Line

One of my least favorite parts of grocery shopping is getting to the checkout only to discover there are only 2 lanes open yet the store is overwhelmingly busy. I always look at my small amount of groceries in my cart and somehow always end up behind the crammed cart stocked to feed an army. What happens next can either change my mood completely or send it even further downhill. This is getting to my turn at the checkout. Continue Reading →

Engagement: What Happens at Home after Work?

When we think employee engagement, we typically think about work life. While employee engagement is important while at work and on the job, our lives outside of work are also important to consider. How do the two worlds help or hinder each other? Continue Reading →

Compensation and Sensitivity

When organizations start talking about compensation with employees, what happens? There can be good and positive reactions and there can also be dissatisfaction and the need to be sensitive to how employees feel. Continue Reading →

The Web and Customer Brand Experience

The Internet has changed the way in which we do almost everything. Day to day tasks normally involve getting on the Internet at least once, if even to “Google” something real quick. The experience consumers have with organizations has also changed and continues to evolve. Continue Reading →

‘Tis the Season

The holidays mean a lot of different things to us all. If you’re like me, you don’t enjoy standing in the long lines and shopping amid crowded malls. I absolutely love everything about Christmas except the crazy shopping season. This season is extremely important to retail stores and the focus on customers increases. Continue Reading →

No Rungs Left on the Ladder: Keeping Employees Engaged

In my graduate program, some of my classmates who worked full-time spoke often of a fear of getting bored in their career. Many spoke of feeling that they may hit a point where “climbing the corporate ladder” ceases and they become stuck in a position they are unhappy. With organizations tightening promotions and creation of new jobs, this a real fear that many employees experience. Continue Reading →

The Benefits of Benefits

On a daily basis we don’t often stop to think about our benefits from our job. Most often, we focus on our paycheck and how much our salary is annually. Our salary is an important part of job satisfaction and can have an impact on how we feel towards our jobs. What we forget to reflect on are the benefits aside from our salary that our organizations provide. Continue Reading →