Tip 1 – Get to Know Your Employees


Intro: This blog is written to further elaborate with my own views on the  “8 Tips to Engage Your Employees” booklet written by our experts.

“My supervisor cares about me as a person.” Our research shows that highly engaged employees respond favorably to this survey item by 83%, compared to 4% of the disengaged. I wish there was an item which states, “I can’t wait to get home each day so that I can talk to my loved ones about my work.” If this were an actual survey item, and if it were answered, “Strongly Agree,” then it leads me to think that the person does not confide in others about work or anything else to his or her supervisor. If one were to answer “Disagree,” to that statement, it might be an indication that he or she is satisfied with leaving work at work, and feels free to discuss matters with his or her supervisor without fear of retribution. What kind of a supervisor allows you to feel that way? The answer is one that cares about you as a person. At one time or another, most supervisors were subordinates too, so they should know how the shoe feels on their other foot.

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Let’s Get Personal: Is Your Work Consistent with Your Values?

1217631_84002175How often do you really stop to think about yourself and how your self fits with your work, your boss, and/or your organization? People likely do not consider this as often, or at least, as deeply, as they should. There’s plenty of research out there to explain how important it is to find a fit with the organization that employs you (Jex & Britt, 2008), but what if people aren’t actually assessing their selves realistically?  Continue Reading →