Too Much Talk, Not Enough Action

As social beings, we have an innate desire to build relationships with others. Some of us are more extraverted and interested in cultivating these relationships than our introvert counterparts, but nonetheless, employees must communicate with others in the workplace. With this communication can come the potential for one of the silent but deadly counterproductive work behaviors. Continue Reading →

Socialization for Employees With Disabilities

New employees undergo a socialization process in the organization.  Norms, culture, language, and the way in which employees interact with one another are behaviors that are observed by a new employee.  Over time, employees will become accustomed to the way in which employees communicate with one another.  There are instances in which employees do not fit into the social norms of the organization and the results can be negative.  Employees may be labeled as “outcasts” and are not included in social situations within the organization.  Continue Reading →