What Prevents You from Doing Your Job Well?


From time to time, perhaps it’s a good idea to rid ourselves of distractions that prevent us from doing our jobs well. Oftentimes, I allow myself to be distracted by things that are either in my control or not. For example, I should have my cell phone off while at work. If anything is really urgent, as in a medical emergency, my nearest and dearest know my work phone. You may think that a simple text is not distracting but consider that you answer a text which involves a social situation with one of your friends. It’s not necessarily the text that’s distracting or your reply, but it’s thinking about the situation afterward. If it doesn’t bother you and you can jump back in your work like a horse with blinders on, then this is not a problem for you.

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How Does a Night Owl Survive Corporate Workdays?

I have always been a night owl by nature.  Early mornings can seem unbearable at times and my mood is definitely not at the highest.  College certainly worked to my advantage as a night owl.  I had no problem being awake for a 10am class, however, my 8am classes were very challenging.  I only took one 8am course in college because I actually felt I was not awake enough to learn. Continue Reading →

Is There Value in Executive Coaching?

Most companies work to develop existing employees and build employees into managers. When an employee reaches a vital management position, there may be skills the employee still lacks. More and more organizations are utilizing executive coaches to assist new managers or improve existing managers. An executive coach is not an expert in a particular field. A president of a major company will not be able to hire an executive coach that has all the knowledge as to how to run a company. The role of the executive coach is to guide leaders through difficult processes. The coach serves as an unbiased guide to point out aspects of decisions that the leader may not have otherwise considered. Continue Reading →

Goodbye to the Apron and Hello to the Briefcase

Long behind are the days where every mother stayed home with children and tended to housework.  Women have put on their heels and suits, and headed to the job market.  There is a more even ratio of men to women in the workplace. Continue Reading →

5, 10, 15 minutes: How Late is Acceptable?

By nature, I am an early bird.  No matter if it is work or getting together with friends, I will be early.  Running late causes me a great deal of stress and anxiety, so I do all that is in my power to not only be on time, but leave a few minutes of leeway just in case. Continue Reading →