How to Steer Clear of Toxic Environments

toxicToxicity can happen anywhere at any given workplace no matter how small or large, or what industry. Where there is human interaction, there is potential for disappointment that can add up to unhappy employees. Unhappy employees tend to want to spread their misery to others, even if unknowingly doing so. The disengagement of such employees is off the charts. What becomes toxic is the spread of that unhappiness and others’ reaction to it.

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Toxic Work Environments

When you get a new job the hope of course is that the environment will be positive. Taking a job with a new organization is a big investment as an employee for one’s career and one’s well-being. I always remind friends and family that are interviewing for jobs that the interview is just as much the organization interviewing them as it is an opportunity for them to interview the organization and decide if it will be a good fit and somewhere they will be happy and succeed. Continue Reading →