Tip 2 – Provide Basic Training for Your Employees


Intro: This blog is written to further elaborate with my own views on the  “8 Tips to Engage Your Employees” booklet written by our experts.

In your job search these days, have you noticed the lengthy job descriptions and qualifications? No doubt the recruiter is taking no chances that you misunderstand what they will be hiring you to do along with the required experience and education.

The job description indicates what you will be doing, but not necessarily that you start doing it without training. During the interview process, that should be made clear by the interviewer as well as the job candidate. “Will I receive training for A, B, and C on the job?” Or “Do I have to know how to do A, B, and C before hire?” The hiring manager if different from the initial interviewer should be able to answer your questions about training before onboarding you.

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Trade Secrets: The Best Vocational Schools

http://www.sxc.hu/browse.phtml?f=download&id=1007380Every so often, our readers want to share some information and yes, it’s a plug for their business, and that’s a good thing because in this case it never hurts to enhance one’s education no matter who you are, how old, or what your current job is. So, if you’ve been thinking about furthering your education, check out this great info graphic at http://www.bestcollegesonline.org/trade-secrets/ by Jayden Summer.

Do Your Employees Know How to Succeed?

Most leaders desire to increase the motivation of their employees. The goal of increasing motivation is often linked with improving a plethora of outcomes such as productivity, engagement, attendance, and retention. Because we associate increased motivation with increases in many other desirable outcomes, we also tend to assume that a deficiency in an outcome is probably due to a lack of motivation. For example, if an employee keeps missing his sales quota (low productivity) we may be inclined to think that he is not motivated to succeed. What if, though, you discovered that motivation wasn’t the problem at all? Continue Reading →

Workplace Violence: Crossing the Line

Workplace violence is not a topic to be taken lightly. If ignored, organizations can face very serious consequences. The most important question to ask yourself is: Do the employees at my organization understand the policy in place? Continue Reading →

Is Training Effective? How Do You Know?

Developing any kind of training at your organization is not an easy feat. There is a whole lot of planning and creation that must take place. All of the time commitment before the training takes place combined with conducting the training adds up to a big job. Many leaders and skeptics often ask the question, “Is training really worth it?” Continue Reading →

Positive Employee Attitudes: The Role They Play

I don’t know of any organization that doesn’t want anything but happy and positive employees. What organization would want unhappy and disgruntled employees? The truth of the matter is that having positive employees with good attitudes is a great thing for organizations. Continue Reading →

Organizational Branding: The Power of One

How many of us have had one experience with just one employee at an organization that suddenly makes us form a single opinion about the brand or organization? All it takes is one employee for us to go from loving a brand to suddenly feeling very angry or upset. What can organizations do to ensure that each interaction is the best possible? Continue Reading →

Help Others Make Better Decisions

In one of my previous posts titled, “Make Better Decisions Today,” I shared some information on how to make better choices by being objective and unbiased. Now, I would like to share an interesting tip for helping others to make better decisions. In many organizations, leaders hope to develop their staff to be the best employees they can be by training them on specific tasks relevant to their work. While job-specific training is certainly very important, it is also important to offer other tools for helping employees to transfer what they’ve learned to other situations on the job that may not have been covered in training. Continue Reading →

Women, Bullying, and Employee Engagement

In previous posts, we have focused on the negative consequences of workplace bullying. Workplace bullying can have lasting impacts on employees and cause problems in the office. What about women specifically? Is bullying amongst women even more prevalent in the workplace? Continue Reading →

Employee Handbooks: Digging Deeper

We all know employee handbooks are important and the majority of organizations have a handbook that serves a written document for policies and procedures. These handbooks serve as tools to help employees understand what is expected of them and what constitutes breaking policies. What other purpose do handbooks serve? Continue Reading →