Longer Hours, But For What Price?

As organizations continue to run lean in terms of employees, what happens to the employees? For starters, they definitely take on more and more responsibility and more tasks. Unfortunately, the new normal is to expect to work long hours, but for what? Continue Reading →

Engagement: What Happens at Home after Work?

When we think employee engagement, we typically think about work life. While employee engagement is important while at work and on the job, our lives outside of work are also important to consider. How do the two worlds help or hinder each other? Continue Reading →

Are You A Workaholic?

There are employees that work the bare minimum and there are also employees that cannot seem to step away from work.  While it is not a crime to work extra hours, there can be negative consequences such as an increased amount of stress and decreased work-life balance. Researcher Fassel (1992) identified four different categories of employees that are putting forth a bit too much into his or her work.  Could you fall into one of the categories?

The first category is known as binge workers, who work excessively when necessary especially to finish a project.  These workers have intervals of working excessively followed by regular work hours.  Because there are “rest” periods in between binges of work, the employee may not experience significantly negative effects from this pattern of work. Continue Reading →