Text Messaging Shorthand vs. Written Grammar – Don’t Confuse the Two When Writing Formally

Posted on February 17, 2014 by TNS Consulting Team (via Scott Spayd)

TexterFirst, I’d like to share my views about texting in general. Texting is a great way to stay in communications because it’s quick and easy and you have time to formulate your thoughts before you rush off a response – as with email. Provided you’re not driving and texting, it’s not harmful to your health. Personally, I do not text. I am an email person. I’m sure my younger colleagues think that’s old school, but in my personal view, a) texting is a game, b) texting all day long is an addiction, c) texting is ridiculous since Thomas Edison invented the telephone – so I don’t get it.

If you are a “texter,” then you’re probably up to speed on all the “text messaging shorthand.”

That said, when writing important letters and emailing, please remember to write formally with good grammar and spelling. Thank goodness for spelling and grammar checking in most email software. When applying for that dream job, remember there are human resource directors who will not be very forgiving when it comes to typos, let alone someone spelling “you’re” as “ur.”

TNS Consulting Team (via Scott Spayd)

About TNS Consulting Team (via Scott Spayd)

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What Others Are Saying

  1. ThatDeborahGirl January 27, 2015 at 10:08 pm

    Just FYI – I’m watching a PBS documentary on the life of Thomas Edison right now. He taught his fiance Morse Code so they could communicate privately even in the company of others by tapping out a message in the others’ hand.

    So while he invented the telephone, not only would he have appreciated texting, I think, he invented it without even realizing it.

    • Katherine Razzi
      Katherine Razzi January 29, 2015 at 3:24 pm

      Yes, indeed! Never thought about it that way. Good ole Thomas Edison! The first texter!

      In grade school, we used to toss notes to each other. If the subject was hot enough (usually boys), it could end up being a letter. Then emails arrived, which, as far as we knew, were pretty private. Now, if you are emailing at work, look out. You never know when your personal email could be invaded by prying eyes. But, I guess that’s up to the employer, on his/her time. Boy, when you think about it, our human need to communicate to each other, no matter how, is so strong! Have a great day!

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